Faculty lecture addresses Schoenberg’s Dreimal Tausend Jahre


Pain>ngs by Arnold Schoenberg: Blue Self-­‐Portrait

Painting by Arnold Schoenberg: Blue Self-­‐Portrait

The Adams State University Faculty Lecture " Arnold Schoenberg: Finding the New Shore (Israel) and the Return of God in his Choral Work, Dreimal Tausend Jahre," by Dr. Beth Robison, professor of music and director of choral activities, begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 20, in Porter Hall room 130.

Dreimal Tausend Jahre (1949) is one of three choral works written by German composer, Arnold Schoenberg at the end of his life. It is based on the poem Gottes Weiderkehr ("God's Return"), written in 1948 in response to the newly established state of Israel. By using compositional techniques to represent the concept of return and to symbolize God and the New Shore (Israel), Schoenberg not only conveys the meaning of the text, but imbues it with his own personal experiences.

All talks are free and the public is invited. Complimentary light refreshments will be offered. For further information on the series of lectures, contact Dr. Kristy Duran, assistant professor of biology, at 719-587-7767, or klduran@adams.edu.