Muscle movement and functions measured with HPPE’s new equipment


clayton foster and megan suer demonstrate bts free emg

Adam State University Human Performance and Physical Education graduate student Clayton Foster demonstrates the HPPE Department's newest equipment, a BTS FREEEMG System. Megan Suer, visiting professor of HPPE, points out the machine's ability to read both fast and slow twitch fibers activated when the muscle moves.

The BTS FREEEMG System is state-of-the-art. The wireless electrodes are placed on muscles and a monitor picks up the activity as the muscle moves. "Students will have the opportunity to learn how to operate the equipment, which can be used to determine which muscles need to be strengthened during activities or for rehabilitation of damaged or injured muscles," said Suer.

Students at the undergraduate and graduate level in the biomechanics, exercise science, and strength and conditioning classes will use the new equipment to identify muscle activity on test subjects to help them in their future careers. Suer plans on using the BTS FREEMG to study muscle activity when using a climbing wall in contrast to on-location climbing. "I would like to study the effects of practicing on a climbing wall in preparation for climbing in nature. I am curious to see if climbing wall routes really do match the same actions as rock climbing."

Dr. Beez Schell, HPPE Department chair, said: "We are consistently looking into acquiring new technologies so that our students are given the best possible education. Not many Division I universities have a wireless EMG device and this, coupled with our other human performance assessment equipment, really prepares our students for careers or post graduate work in the health professions."