Adams State police arrest suspects on drug related charges


Adams State University police arrested two men on drug related charges on Friday, November 20. According to ASU Chief of Police, Paul Grohowski, an ongoing investigation resulted in the arrest of Michael Sanchez and Rick Rodriguez, who were Adams State employees at the time of their arrest.

According to the police report, Rodriguez and Sanchez were arrested for the distribution/sale of narcotics on the Adams State campus, with two special felony enhancements for their collective conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Additionally, Sanchez was charged with a felony for allegedly bringing a rifle into McDaniel Hall on two occasions. A third person, Nicholas Chapman was arrested for allegedly purchasing narcotics from Sanchez, his cooperation led to the location of the distributor for this criminal enterprise.

Members of the ASUPD, Alamosa Police Department and Alamosa Sheriff's Office sought, received and executed a search warrant at a location in Alamosa County, where the alleged drug distributor was interviewed and confessed to selling narcotics to Sanchez. The alleged distributor, Arturo Garcia Jr. was subsequently arrested for sale/distribution and a sizeable amount of prescription medications (Percocet) were seized.

Grohowski appreciates the cooperation the ASUPD, APD and ASO received from Chief District Attorney Crista Newmeyer-Olsen on the investigation. "As a result of the collaboration from Alamosa law enforcement agencies, three drug dealers are no longer supplying our community with illegally obtained narcotics," Grohowski said. "Our own ASUPD Officer Derouin-Greene and Officer Rael spent countless hours reviewing video tapes, working day and night over the last eight days to provide us with all of the necessary evidence, including confessions of the accused, which will help the DA secure the convictions of these drug dealers. Overall our students and campus are safer as a result of their dedication and hard work."

Adams State President Beverlee J. McClure said the safety of students, faculty and staff is Adams State's number one priority. "I appreciate the efforts of Chief Grohowski and his officers in keeping our campus secure and ensuring a healthy learning environment for our students."