Professors will present research on gender bias in STEM Fields


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Dr. Renee Beeton

While there has been an increase in the number of women majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, there is still discrepancies in the number of women who complete their degrees, end up working in STEM fields, and advance onto higher level positions in both academia and industry. The Adams State University Faculty Lecture Implicit Gender Biases in the STEM Fields, by Dr. Renee Beeton, professor of chemistry, and Dr. Stephanie Hilwig, professor of sociology, begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29, in McDaniel Hall room 101.

head and shoulders portrait of stephanie hilwig she wears a black and purple patterned shirt and has long black hair and is smiling

Within STEM fields, women are still underrepresented in mathematics, physics, and engineering. Beeton and Hilwig will discuss the many reasons for these trends, focusing on implicit biases as a primary contributing factor. As part of their own research, they created paired videos of male and female chemistry teaching assistants in an attempt to expand upon the existing research on implicit biases. Hilwig and Beeton asked students to watch the videos and measured how they perceived the hireability and competency of each teaching assistant. Their study sought to unravel the implicit biases for both gender and race/ethnicity.

All ASU Faculty Lectures in the series are free and open to the public. Complimentary light refreshments will be offered. For further information on the series of lectures, contact Dr. Courtney Allen, assistant professor of counselor education, at 719-587-7888 or

Dr. Stephanie Hilwig