Join the Adams State College El Parnaso Club and the Spanish Program for a double feature of classic Mexican film from the 1950s. Relive the heyday of the Mexican movie matinee. The films will begin at 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7, in room 103 of the ES Building, located on First Street and Richardson Ave. The event is free and open to the public.

Years ago nearly every town had a theater that would show a double feature for patrons that wanted cinema in Spanish. Most of these films were from Mexico and featured gangsters, charros, wrestlers and even monsters.

The first film of the evening is Aventurera, featuring Ninon Sevilla. Born in Cuba, Sevilla successfully danced her way through Havana night clubs and cabarets, arriving in Mexico in 1946 where she made her film debut. She rapidly became the icon of the rumbera, an archetype of Mexican film musicals, a serious "bad girl" who takes no guff from anyone, either male or female. Ninon eventually became a superstar, working with the best talent in the Mexican film industry (Emilio Fernandez, Pedro Armendariz, Gabriel Figueroa, Agustin Lara, Jose Revuelta), choreographing her own complicated dance numbers.

In Aventurera (1950), you will see Sevilla at her best: dancing, getting hooked on drugs in a sleazy dance hall and facing a life of prostitution while trying to rise above her sordid existence and find true love. The film features lots of dancing by Sevilla and musical performances by Trio Los Panchos and Pedro Vargas, among others.

The co-hit of the evening features one of Mexico's great cinematic comedians, Tin Tan. Geraán Valdes, better known as "Tin Tan", is one of the most influential comedians in the history of Mexican cinema and without a doubt one of the most important actors of Mexico's "Golden Age." Come and see him in one of his classic films, El Rey del Barrio (1950), in which he plays a poor railroad employee by day and a bumbling Robin Hood by night.

The prints of the films do not have English subtitles. Come and practice your Spanish or bring a friend who can give you the play-by-play in English. For more information, please contact Dr. Juan Gonzalez at 719-587-7804.

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