LiveWell Colorado and Adams State College ride together


Adams State Adventure Programs (ASAP) and Alamosa LiveWell promote healthy lifestyles for students and the environment with the Green Bike Program.

Mick Daniel, director of Student Life and Recreation, said the bikes, actually painted yellow, are loaned to students at no cost. He and his ASAP staff started the Green Bike Program in the spring semester of 2007 and originally used older bikes abandoned on the Adams State campus. Because of immediate success, maintenance and upkeep of the bikes soon became an issue. Daniel successfully proposed funding through the Associated Student and Faculty Senate, and ten new bikes were purchased from Kristi Mountain Sports.

This summer, LiveWell Colorado became an official sponsor of the program and provided five additional bikes. "We have about 40 students who are regular users of the program," Daniel said. "Adventure Programs is very appreciative of everyone's help in making the program a success and is looking forward to seeing more bicycles out and about."

Liza Marron, Adams State alumna now employed with LiveWell Alamosa at Valley-Wide Health Systems, said LiveWell is excited about the collaboration to increase active transport with the Adams State Green Bike Program and the students it serves. "Our goal is to make the healthy choice the easy choice and to encourage active living and healthy eating across the lifespan. This is a perfect fit and maybe someday we can achieve Mick Daniel's dream to have a full service bicycle library for all students and residents of Alamosa."

LiveWell Colorado aims to provide every Coloradoan with access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity in the places they live, work, learn and play. This non-profit organization will realize its vision by elevating health and wellness awareness, augmenting funding for the most promising obesity reduction strategies and leveraging investments and resources.

Mike Garcia, retired Adams State Upward Bound director and Adams State alumnus, now works with the Valley-Wide Health System, Inc., LiveWell program. "We look forward to supporting the continued efforts of Adams State as it strives to provide a healthy campus environment for the students."

Daniel urges bike riders to wear a helmet and obey traffic rules, which include the 3-2-1 courtesy code - three feet to pass a bicycle, two abreast when there is no traffic and single file to allow passing - "it will save your life."

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By Linda Relyea