Sandhill Review provides young artists with publication opportunities


By: Mariah Pepe

Do you scribble playful prose in the margins of your notebook? Does your best friend write brilliantly developed fantasy stories behind closed doors? Do you know anyone who can persuade the most stubborn person with his or her eloquent essays? If so, now is the time for all artists to unite and give their gifts of beauty and inspiration to the Adams State College community.

The Sandhill Review is a publication for all San Luis Valley artists to “showcase their talents,” said Editor Toni Steffens-Steward. Associate editor Victoria Miranda added that grammar isn’t an issue. “We want to encourage all people to apply, even if no one has ever seen the work before. Otherwise, it’ll stay hidden in a notebook forever, and it’ll become lost art!”

Because the aim is to demonstrate the variety of works produced, the publication has no theme. Miranda expressed that by doing this, more people are willing to apply; they don’t have to write specifically for this opportunity, so they could further develop a work that they have already written. Additionally, themed publications are automatically bound by stereotypes. If the editors don’t set expectations, they can be pleasantly surprised by the creativity of artists. It helps avoid clichés and further develop the works stylistically and emotionally. It also allows the magazine to be more diverse and contemporary.

Additionally, artists get the attention that they deserve for their skill and hard work. Being young and published is a great feat for an aspiring writer, and it looks great on a resume.

The publication will also feature a selection of two and three-dimensional artwork to supplement the composition. Margaret Doell, Art Department chair, is currently accepting submissions.

This year will be the first time the Sandhill Review will be printed twice in one year. The first issue should be printed by commencement in December.

For the first issue, all literary submissions are due to, and all visual submissions are due to by October 31.