Antonito high school cross country team visits HPPE department


The Antonito High School cross country team visited the Adams State College Human Performance and Physical Education (HPPE) Department on October 14. The students toured the campus, enjoyed a meal at the La Mesa Dining Hall, and departed to Plachy Hall after lunch. Thereafter, the team and Antonito cross country coach Ezy Ulibarri attended a sports psychology lecture by professor Spencer Harris.

Just after 2 p.m., Dr. Tracey Robinson, professor of HPPE, assisted in letting freshman runner Jericho Ulibarri test the HPPE Department’s VO2 Max technology. The VO2 Max test measured his oxygen consumption as he engaged in increasingly strenuous physical activity. His teammates, his coach and father Ulibarri, and Robinson all applauded him as he pushed himself almost to the point of collapse. “You’re doing great!” they cheered. Robinson calculated and discussed his results after the test, and the team departed to a meeting with Damon Martin, Adams State’s cross country coach.

After the meeting, the students enjoyed a team meal at Bistro Rialto before going home. The next day, coach Ulibarri reported that his team earned an unexpected second place finish, with Jericho Ulibarri earning an all-conference spot. “I am more than positive that you made a lasting impression on these students,” Ulibarri said.

Robinson and Department Chair Lea “Beez” Schell said they enjoy working with pre-college students. “They are at the stage where they are starting to think about college and what they want to do with their lives,” Robinson said. Schell agreed, adding that working with high school students is always a refreshing experience.