Adams State Student Life leadership prepares for future


jeni carter and aaron miltenberger

Adams State University Student Life and Recreation recently underwent change in leadership. Aaron Miltenberger ’13 accepted the position as director and Jeni Carter ’09 ’12 was named assistant director. The two worked together in the past when Miltenberger started at the university as the Student Life assistant director, and Carter worked in the office as a student.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to return to ASU as a professional, after such amazing years and experiences I had during my undergraduate and graduate degrees,” Carter said.

Miltenberger, who received a master’s degree from Adams State, believes the current generation is interested in “doing things for the right reasons and has a deep sense of empathy and caring.” He also sees challenges in easy and immediate access to entertainment. “We have to address the question: when everything you are looking for is in the palm of your hand, what is the impetus for involvement and engagement.” He plans to use technology to support and promote engagement opportunities for students. “I am excited to see where the next ten years take us.”

Carter agrees with Miltenberger: “Technology is also a consistent challenge for college students; one, because it is constantly evolving, and two, because there are so many ways to get distracted from life's tasks through technology.” She believes the student diversity makes the campus atmosphere “truly awesome” and will keep that in mind when planning activities. “We have to be very intentional and conscious of our efforts to outreach to all students through a diversity of programming and experiential opportunities.”

Looking forward, Miltenberger said: “I am drawn by the challenges of having a small budget to work with and a student body that has lost its sense of campus culture but draws on a rich past and a small relationship driven institution. I really enjoy helping students develop into outstanding student leaders and professionals.”

Remembering her experience as a student, Carter wants to be an “advisor and teammate who empowers students to find their own passion through their experiences and involvement in college. I truly believe it is not just academics, but the journey and experiential opportunities throughout college that educate students.”

Along with helping develop a sense of pride among the student body and continuing to develop leadership opportunities, Miltenberger said: “Ultimately I hope to keep students first in everything that Student Life and Recreation does.”