ASU Theatre Production “Scream Queens” will get your scare on


actors rehearse the seance scene of toybox

Actors rehearse the seance scene for Toybox.

Chilly thrills and high heels - Adams State University Theatre Program Production, Scream Queens, two one-act plays, make for the ideal Halloween production. Directed by senior theatre majors, the shows open at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27, in the Adams State Xperimental Theatre and will run nightly through October 31.

Toybox, written and directed by Kat Nuttle uses special effects, props, lighting and sound, as well as a scary script to pull the fright out of the audience. Nuttle wrote this brief introduction in her director's notes: "It was a stormy night…just as all good scary stories start. Four people, trapped in an old house full of puppets and toys. It is all fun and games until they find out who is pulling the strings."

Last spring, she looked for an appropriate play to direct. "Creepy is my forte. I love scary stories and playing spooky characters." Unable to find any script that satisfied her, she wrote her own. "The story is about things we hide and how they come back to get us." Her experience working in the theatre's shop inspired her to incorporate technical aspects to her show to increase the scare factor. "I know what I can get away with and used my skills and experience to create something not yet seen before. It will scare people."

actors rehearse for lesbian vampires of sodom

Before the audience leaves the theatre to venture out into the dark night – Vampire Lesbians of Sodom will release their tension and fright.

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, a comic satire by Charles Busch and directed by James Rodriguez, serves vampires, men in drag, and campy comedy with a new, edgy attitude. When Jenna Nielsen, associate professor of theatre, suggested the one-act to Rodriguez, the script hooked him instantly. "Before I finished the first five pages, I knew I had to direct it. It has my sense of humor."

He said his actors needed to adjust to the "over theatrical" style of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. "The show is very campy, which is very different from what we usually do." Another aspect, men in drag, gave the actors the challenge of learning to walk in high heels. "The male actors had to get used to playing female roles and dressing as women." Rodriguez says the witty, satirical play will be a good introduction into the drag world.

"Our two shows complement each other very well – suspense and comedy, minimal set design and a complex system of lights, sounds, props and special effects," Rodriguez added. Nuttle agreed: "It is the perfect night at the theatre for the Halloween season."

Flashing lights in Toybox may induce seizures. Due to language and violence, audience aged 14+ recommended. Individual tickets are $8 for general public, $7 for seniors and students, and free to Associated Students and Faculty with current Adams State identification. To reserve tickets call 719-587-8499.