Top Adventure Program offers Fraker many opportunities


Article by Alex Hart

Silhouette of Travis Fraker facing away from camera looking over mountain scenery

Travis Fraker encourages Adams State freshmen to become involved in a personal interest on campus. He recommends the Adventure Program for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Travis Fraker understands first-hand how Adams State University was named the Top Adventure School by the online magazine, Elevation Outdoors. Fraker, originally from Missouri, said his passion for the outdoors and Adams State's comparatively low, guaranteed tuition were some of the reasons why he chose to come to the top adventure school in the southwest and the Rockies.

Originally, Fraker became involved with the Adams State Adventure Program (ASAP) by simply going to class. He was involved in the Student Support Services Summer Scholars Program in 2015. During the Academic Achievement Strategies class Curt Howell, associate director of Campus Recreation and Wellness and Eric Learn, ASAP student, talked about the Adventure Program. "It just seemed really cool," Fraker said. "They asked I wanted a job so I took it and from there I went into the minor, I have always recreationally been outdoorsy but this was like, professionally."

Being introduced to others in ASAP, convinced Fraker to join the adventure program. "What sold it for me was just the attitude of everyone there. They are always happy and smiling and I noticed that everyone kind of feeds off each other." He encourages others to join. "If you need a place to grow as a person where you feel safe, ASAP is such a good area to be in."

Fraker's favorite aspect of ASAP is facilitating the challenge course, a ropes course designed to foster growth and improve relationships within a group. He mentioned the conversations groups have after completing the course. "It is really cool because at the end we do debriefs and hear what people take away from it, how they are growing and how they are going to portray it to real life, and that's really cool for me."

Fraker believes the program improved his techniques in leading, teaching, communication and outdoor skills. He appreciates the "trials and tribulations he has faced" in helping him become a better person. Fraker said his involvement with ASAP has prepared him well for a future career in his interest.