Adams State College brings Hip Hop/Spoken Word artist on Sept. 10


Adrian H. Molina, Hip Hop/Spoken Word artist, educator, and activist, is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 10, in the Adams State College Loft, located on the second floor of the Student Union Building.

Molina combines his artistic abilities with his enthusiasm for activism and social justice based education. He offers a fresh academic voice with street credibility, insisting on being not only challenging but accessible. He works regularly with a broad range of young people, from elementary students to recent college graduates. He works to transcend race, gender and social class boundaries through both his academic and artistic work.

Molina's work as an educator and activist reflects his complex upbringing and difficult life choices. Molina is a product of a Mexican immigrant father and a Chicana mother with deep southwestern roots. He is a law school graduate from a blue-collar background. He chose to forego a career in law and fight for social justice as an educator, community activist, and performance artist.

Artistically, Molina follows in the tradition of Hip-Hop artists and activists who utilize music and entertainment to explore consciousness and social responsibility. His music pushes creative limits. His poetic flows engage listeners, often provoking an emotional response and a desire to act. Lyrically, Molina remains raw and uncompromising in his analysis of the times, but still insists on the existence of possibilities for increased equality and social justice.

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