Adams State College Music Department is nationally reaccredited


In June, the Adams State College Music Department was reaccredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, the agency which has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as responsible for the accreditation of music curricula. Dr. William Lipke, who directed the reaccreditation effort as department chair and who is currently on sabbatical, stated: "The serious study of music has a long tradition in higher education, having been included in the medieval university quadrivium, along with arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. This is a significant recognition for Adams State College since it holds us to national standards. Appreciation is extended to the many students, faculty and administrators who participated in this large-scale project."

"ASC has always had an excellent music program with dedicated faculty and NASM continuing accreditation is further proof from an objective source that music excellence continues," said President David Svaldi. "Thanks to all of the music faculty for their hard work on this and especially to Dr. Lipke for his leadership in getting this accomplished."

All full-time and some part-time department faculty participated in the reaccreditation process over a two-year period, which included an extensive examination of the curriculum, the quality of the faculty, the quality of instruction, facilities and the diverse ensembles, ranging from classical to mariachi. According to Lipke, the placement of ASC graduates in K-12 schools and accredited graduate programs, a significant increase in the number of music majors, state of the art technology, support from the administration, and the planned funding of renovation projects helped achieve the reaccreditation. The institution is continued in good standing and does not need to submit any further progress reports. The reaccreditation cycle for institutions in good standing is once every ten years.

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