Evans students receive international exposure


Adams State College connected Alamosa elementary students with Guatemalan elementary students via the Internet on September 24 and 25. Fourth and fifth graders from the Colegio Americano del Sur in Santa Lucia, Guatemala, shared cultural presentations with Evans Elementary students, from Mrs. Cody's and Mrs. Christoferson's classes. Topics included the geography of Guatemala and Central America, typical food and customs, and live performances of regional dances. Afterwards, students exchanged questions about clothes, customs, popular foods, the weather, and what they enjoyed doing on weekends.

The connection was made possible through a partnership between Adams State and the University of the Valley of Guatemala and facilitated by the Instructional Technology Office at Adams State. "Project EXCELL, a Title III grant from the US Department of Education, is promoting this kind of interaction among the community, schools, and families of students," said Dr. Joel Judd, director of the project. He and Dr. Sheryl Ludwig, teacher education professors at Adams State, are involved in raising awareness in local schools about student diversity and ways in which immigrant students, such as those from Guatemala, can connect with their families and communities while helping all students build ties with and understandings of students from other cultures and backgrounds. "This is just the beginning of ongoing communication between students and students, and teachers and teachers," said Ludwig, who is spearheading cultural proficiency training for Alamosa school teachers this year.