President Lincoln subject of next faculty lecture


The Adams State College Faculty Lecture Series continues with "Lincoln: Race and Slavery", by Dr. Ed Crowther, history/government/philosophy department chair, at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, in Porter Hall (the science building) room 130. The event is free and open to the public.

Was Lincoln a racist, or is that reading the present into the past? Did he really free the slaves, or did their self-emancipation force his hand? The Lincoln bi-centennial has provided an opportunity to review the words and deeds of the 16th president. Absent from much of the public discussions and commemorations about Lincoln is the vast historical scholarship--both old and new--which reveals a very human politician, whose hatred of slavery was lifelong, and whose views on race evolved with his experiences in difficult times. This talk delineates the race-related questions posed by Lincoln's words in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, his posture toward emancipation and colonization during the Civil War, the applicable scholarly arguments, and a fresh reading of Lincoln as politician and emancipator during the Civil War.

Complimentary light refreshments will be offered. For further information on the series of lectures, contact Dr. Robert Astalos, assistant professor of physics, at 719-587-7821, or by email: