Southern Colorado film commission hosts State Commissioner in Alamosa


Newly appointed State Film Commissioner Donald Zuckerman and Colorado State's Location Manager, Laura Grey have scheduled a series of visits to areas around Colorado in order to see more of the state they're representing and to explain their plans to increase film activity in Colorado to local government officials. In a series of events organized by the Southern Colorado (SoCo) Film Commission, these two members of Colorado's Office of Film, Television, and Media visited the San Luis Valley first on their state-wide tour.

Zuckerman and Grey, along with representatives from the SoCo Film Commission, first met with local government officials from throughout the San Luis Valley to highlight the SoCo Film Commission, its operations and successes, and the challenges it faces. SoCo Film Commission is comprised of local businesses and organizations interested in assisting the state in attracting more film production to the valley, thereby increasing tourism and augmenting the economy. Zuckerman then outlined his plans to attract film producers to the area, including creating strategic alliances with restaurant and lodging associations, two industries that would benefit from more productions. Zuckerman is a former attorney and movie producer who was the executive producer of Casino Jack. Afterwards, a public reception was held at ASC Community Partnerships, in which the SoCo Film Commission invited the San Luis Valley public to meet with them and Zuckerman and Grey, as well as learn more about film industry activity in the San Luis Valley. The San Luis Valley Food Coalition provided locally produced foods, which gave the state visitors a taste of the regional flavor. Many residents with ties to the film industry attended.