Adams State receives CLD Program approval


The Adams State University Teacher Education Department’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) graduate endorsement was approved by the state Department of Education and the State Board of Education on September 12.

According to Dr. Joel Judd, professor of teacher education, it is the first graduate-level CLD program approved in the state since the statute governing this endorsement was changed. All higher education institutions offering this endorsement in Colorado were required to submit their programs for reapproval.

"Our work with teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students has been a cornerstone of the Mission of Teacher Education, and over the past decade we have graduated more than 250 in-service teachers in this field," Judd said. Teachers who complete this program frequently comment that it helps them teach all students, not just English language learners, because it presents students with a learner-centered, content-based approach to teaching.

"In other words, instead of language being an end in itself, which is often the case in an English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom, language is a means to learning subject matter. When teachers recognize this and plan their instruction by keeping in mind the language demands of the subject, the material becomes more accessible to everyone, and English learners spend more time in the regular classroom."

The program will next be recommended for approval at the Department of Higher Education meeting on October 4.