ASU campus Internet bandwidth gets major upgrades


With record enrollment over the last several years and the explosion of mobile devices used by our students, faculty, and staff, there has been an ever-increasing need for more bandwidth to satisfy customer demand. Adams State Computing Services has been busy preparing for and performing two major upgrades to the campus Internet connection, according to Kevin Daniel, director of CS. These upgrades bring more bandwidth to increase the Internet speeds for users and are also adding much needed redundancy to the Internet link by connecting ASU to two independent, physical networks. Here are the details of these two upgrades:

Upgrade #1- More Bandwidth, Faster Internet Speeds

The first upgrade to our Internet connection was effected Saturday, Sept. 22. This upgrade took the campus Internet bandwidth capacity from 155 Megabits per second (MBps) up to 200 MBps. The upgrade also entailed moving from an older style of connection (fiber-based OC3) to the new offering from CenturyLink called "Metro-Optical Ethernet" or MOE. "This is a much cheaper and faster connection that allows easier bandwidth expansion in the future," Daniel noted. 

Upgrade #2- Even More Bandwidth and Internet Link Redundancy

A second Internet connection upgrade is scheduled for late September/early October. It will add an additional 155 MBps to the campus Internet link, bringing total available bandwidth up to 355 MBps. This is nearly 129 percent more bandwidth than what ASU had available at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. Daniel added, "The other exciting improvement from this upgrade is that it will add a fully redundant, second physical link from the campus network to the Internet." In the past few years, ASU and the San Luis Valley have been plagued by various outages that have brought down Internet, cell-phone, and network services for up to two days. The addition of this link will allow the campus to remain connected and open for business, even when other parts of the valley may be affected by these types of outages. This is being made possible by an agreement with a local Colorado Internet Service Provider, Skywerx Internet Services, based in Pagosa Springs.