Adams State Theatre students spend summer working in Raton


By: Mariah Pepe

Over the summer, four Adams State students were hired as Kaleidoscope Players at Shuler Theater. In Raton, New Mexico, Holli McFadden, Catherine Herrick, Bethany Hernandez, and Jason Eichenberger were part of the production of four plays. Between June 5 and August 4, the company put on a series of four plays, including Unnecessary Farce, A Servant of Two Masters, Web of Murder, and Church Basement Ladies.

“It was really good to have the experience of putting on four shows at once. It was refreshing and reminded me that putting on a play is not playing,” said Herrick. The entire company worked long hours from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM. With few people involved, the company required a lot of each individual. McFadden was the costume designer for all four shows. “I was the only person working on the costumes, so it was a little hectic,” said McFadden.

The other three students performed roles in the plays, as well as helping out with backstage development, such as constructing sets, sewing costumes, and doing make-up. “This was my first professional experience, and it gave me a wider view of how different theaters work. It was much different than the theater here at Adams, and we had to be able to adapt to where we were,” said Hernandez. A big challenge for the students was the short time they were given to work on a production. The plays frequently overlapped.

Overall, the plays were a huge success, and performances were usually attended by fifty people a night. “My favorite part was feeling like the community appreciated what we were doing. Seeing everyone being so happy, and having the small community gather around the theater is a great thing to see,” said Hernandez.