Aaron Miltenberger earns the NASPA Rising Star Award


By: Mariah Pepe

Aaron Miltenberger, the Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership, was honored this year by earning the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Rising Star Award. This award recognizes Miltengberger’s dedication to students, professionalism, leadership, and a future in higher education.

“I believe that my practicum experience with CASA in strategic planning, my involvement spearheading the Summer Latino Leadership Summit, and the new ways of teaching leadership classes here were the most influential in winning the award,” said Miltenberger, who continues to take on new and challenging opportunities.

“I feel humbled by the recognition. I knew that the projects I was working on here at Adams State were important and innovative, but I didn’t realize that they would be seen as outstanding, especially compared to such tough competition with large schools across Colorado,” said Miltenberger.

He is currently taking a hiatus from pursuing a PhD due to a new family member arriving in October, but he plans to pursue his degree and continue working to improve Adams State’s student affairs-focused HEAL program. This award selected Miltenberger, as it is clear he has a bright future in Student Affairs.