Luna Itzel will perform Mexican folk music in Leon Memorial Hall


luna itzel

Mexican folk artist, Luna Itzel will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, October 2, in Adams State University Leon Memorial Hall. From Los Cabos, Mexico, Itzel plays an array of Mexican folk music, her husband, Helder Ruelas, will accompany her on the guitar.

According to, Itzel has the most beautiful and expressive voice on Mexico's contemporary music scene. Fourteen years of career and seven discs have allowed her to interpret different musical kinds up to finding in the traditional Mexican music the best route to share what exists in her heart.

Performances in theaters, cultural forums, and festivals across Mexico and consecutive presentations during five years in the United States, have given Itzel´s career added experience and maturity. A degree in theater, nine years of private classes with Ricardo Sanchez (teacher, at the time, of Eugenia Leon, Betsy Pecannins, Tania Freedom, Margie Bermejo, to name a few), one year in the free school of music, and performing in the music business for almost 25 years, are all attributes which when coupled with her dedication to living and sharing her traditional spiritual values have contributed to Itzel's professional growth.

Itzel continues to excite and enchant her fans, new and old alike, with her interpretative quality and her capacity for putting her heart and soul into each performance every time she steps on stage.

For more information please call 719-587-7621.