Adams State offers resources to aid communities and local governments


Adams State University offers the expertise of its faculty to assist communities and local governments in a number of realms, from agribusiness and government internships, to dropout prevention and strategic planning. The guide was produced in cooperation with the Colorado Municipal League. It is available online.

"Adams State University values our relationship to the communities we serve. We believe by working together we can leverage limited resources to help us all to grow and to prosper. This Resource Guide provides a foundation to strengthen our ties and to clearly exhibit our commitment to be a good community partner," said Adam State President Beverlee J. McClure. "We welcome you to use these resources, just as we welcome you to our campus. If you think there may be an opportunity to work collaboratively, I invite you to contact the individuals listed to share in a conversation. By working together locally, we can be more competitive globally."

Sam Mamet, Executive Director of the Colorado Municipal League, said, "Adams State has been a part of the San Luis Valley and our great state for a very long time, and so has The Colorado Municipal League. Both organizations strive to develop effective partnerships and support collaboration. The mission of both our organizations is to serve and inform. Higher education and the interests of community leaders go hand in hand. This is why this resource guide is so important and why the League is pleased to be associated with it and with Adams State University."

Topics on which Adams State faculty can provide guidance include the following:

  •  Agricultural Business
    Dr. Zena Buser, Professor of Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, and Economics • (719) 587-8166
  • Artists Assistance
    Eugene Schilling, Professor of Art • (719) 587-7301
  • Business Plans, Downtown Revitalization, Budgeting Assistance
    Yusri Zaro, Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance • (719) 587-7676
  • Business Plans, Internships, Marketing and Marketing Research, Supervisor Training, Economic Impact Studies
    Liz Thomas-Hensley, Assistant Professor of Business and Marketing • (719) 587-7477
  • Children's Garden (daycare, after-school care)/Head Start/Private Pay/Homeless/Social Services
  • Corrections/Sentencing/Probation/Truancy/Teen Court/Homeless Advocate
  • Dropout Prevention
    Dr. Anthony Romero, Assistant Professor of Education • (719) 502-9270
  • Civic Board Development/Consultant
  • Local History/Cultural Research
    Dr. Rich Loosbrock, Associate Professor of History
    (719) 587-7332
  • Cultural Awareness Staff Development and Training
  • Export Development (Agriculture)
  • Language and Cultural Interpreter (Latino/a in general; expertise with Mexican and Guatemalan communities in particular)
  • Sustainable and Cooperative Entrepreneurial Development
    Dr. Benjamin Waddell, Associate Professor of Sociology • (719) 480-0479
  • Cultural Resource Management
    Dr. Richard Goddard, Professor of History & Archaeology • (719) 587-7267
  • Information Technology and Computing
    Dr. Comfort Cover, Assistant Professor of Information Technology • (719) 587-8508
  • Internships for Municipal and County Government
    Dr. Edward Crowther, Chair of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish • (719) 587-7771
  • Public Relations and Communications
    Phil Ray Jack, Adjunct Instructor of English, Writer • (719) 588-6336
  • Software Development and Computing
    George Sellman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science • (719) 587-7356
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational Culture, Workforce Development, and Strategic Communications
    Dr. Michael Tomlin, Professor of Business • (719) 587-7472