Theatre Production Moral Compass opens September 13


Article by J.C. Maheu '17

image on poster for moral compass production black and white palm trees and ocean view

The morality of a person is often questioned when circumstances arise, but can we actually determine the "good" from the "bad?" Adams State University Theatre presents Moral Compass at 7:30 p.m. from September 13 through the 17. The two one-act plays, directed by theatre majors Nicholas Harlan, Life Under Water, and Katie Mae Miller, My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty, will be performed in the Adams State Xperimental Theatre.

Life Under Water is a sarcastically witty show about a weary runaway who finds himself in the company of two females who take him in. Later he falls for one of the females and she falls for him, but his family issues take advantage. Can we support the lives of the characters and their decisions? Will the family's self-involved nature affect his relationship with those around him?

My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty questions humanity and its increasing role of egocentricity. Influenced by all the murder cases where women were brutally raped in front of a group of bystanders, who passed the obligation to help onto someone else. Miller said: "It is ridiculous that in this day and age sexual assault and victim shaming are still prominent in today's society." Utilizing immersive techniques, this show hopes to envelop not only the actor but the audience and aids in the attention of current social issues.

According to the directors, each one-act will have you walking away from your seat feeling mixed emotions not only for the characters on stage but inwardly at yourself. Harlan said: "Each show may be different in style but the same core meaning is there: self-involvement." Both directors believe humans tend to fend and think for only themselves, and in certain situations humans won't help because they don't feel the responsibility to; yet, what happens when someone actually lifts a finger to help? Does that mean your moral compass is right or if it isn't, would you be able to find your way back?

This production is for mature audiences only, ages 17-years and older. Tickets prices are $9 for general admission; $8 for seniors and high school students, and free admission for Adams State faculty, staff, and students.

Tickets go on sale September 6. For more information or to reserve tickets call 719-587-8499.