Electronic Class Schedule & Preregistration Policy

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Program Development oversees the production of the Electronic Course Schedule.  This is a decentralized process that allows academic units direct maintenance access to the Course Schedule Module in the Institution's Banner Data Administrative System Software.

Academic units are able to create course sections in accordance with:

  • The  Institution's data structure and usage standards
  • Academic Policy
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) State Policy for reporting Full-Time Equivalent Student Enrollment (FTE)

A Preregistration Editing Process guarantees that policy compliance has been met in preparing courses for enrollment.


The Purpose of this policy is to identify the procedure for the development of the Electronic Course Schedule and the Preregistration Editing Process.  The mission of Electronic Course Scheduling aligns with the academic mission of the university for it is an essential process that:

  • Facilitates the delivery of academic courses by providing workable course schedules for students
  • Ensures access to courses by students
  • Makes efficient use of classrooms and instructor time