Q: How can I post the grades of my students?

Instructor assigned numbers or coding is allowed as long as the order of posting is not alphabetical and the coding does not include any part of the student's Social Security Number or Student ID.

Q: Can I leave graded student assignments, tests and quizzes outside my office for student pick up?

If the graded materials can be personally identified to a student, do NOT leave them outside your office without written consent from the student.

Q: Can I write a letter of recommendation for a student containing GPA and grade information?

If a student wishes for their GPA or grade information to be contained in the recommendation, they must give written consent.

Q: What if I am contacted by a parent who is concerned about how their son/daughter is doing in my class?

Inform the parent that you cannot release information about grades or student progress without written consent from the student. If they are persistent, the best approach is for the parent to talk directly with the student.