CHAPTER 31 Vocational Rehab

A veteran of World War II or thereafter who has a service-connected disability (80% - 100%) which entitles him or her to VA disability compensation and who is in need of vocational rehabilitation because his or her disability creates an employment handicap, may be eligible for Chapter 31 benefits. Vocational rehabilitation may be provided for up to 48 months, and an eligible veteran now generally has 12 years from discharge or release from active duty in which to use these benefits.

Apply for Benefits

To apply for educational assistance under Chapter 31 you will need to fill out VA form 28-1900, and submit it to the VA Regional Office.

The Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) website is an official U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website that allows veterans and other designated individuals to apply for benefits using the internet.

Communicate With Your School Certifying Official

Good communication between you and your SCO helps ensure information is submitted to the VA accurately and therefore that your benefits are paid correctly. To find out what information you should be providing to the school, select the appropriate link below.