Immediate Call to Active Duty

In order to minimize any difficulties that students who are called to active duty may face, the following are a list of important procedures:

  • Prior to the end of Week 12 - Students involved in immediate call to active duty are subject to the cancellation of enrollment procedures as published in the Schedule of Classes and should make every effort to follow the procedures outlined in the Leave of Absence Handbook. All students who are called to active duty must begin the process by presenting a copy of the military summons to the Veterans' Clerk in the Records Office (719) 587-7321. If time does not permit a student to obtain a leave of absence approval from his/her home department before leaving for active duty, it is essential that a copy of the military summons is delivered to the Veterans' Clerk before departure from campus.

  • Following Week 12 - Students called to active duty toward the end of the semester, who are short submitting final papers or cannot take final examinations, are entitled to receive Incompletes (IN) for the semester. Arrangements to receive Incompletes must be made with each instructor and copies of the military summons must be left with the Veterans' Clerk.

  • Returning Students - Students who leave the college for military service and follow the procedures described above will be placed on leave of absence and are eligible to re-enroll as returning students. Enrollment begins in April for the Fall Semester, and November for the Spring Semester. Returning students who have questions about VA benefits should contact Veterans Clerk Rm 188 Richardson Hall, (719) 587-7321.