Withdrawing from a course or courses may be completed through one of the following methods and must be completed by the applicable census deadline:

In Person

In person at the One Stop Student Services in the Student Union Building.

Complete the applicable term registration add/drop form and circle “Withdrawals” on the back of the form, up to the withdrawal census.

Any withdrawal requests after the census, require the instructor, department chair, and Academic Affairs dept. approval.


Online through One-Stop Student Services link, and sign in to “Student Account”.

Students can web drop or web withdrawal from courses up to the term deadline, unless it is their last or only registered course for that term and the term has already started.

For those situations, Undergraduate students must contact the Student Affairs Office at 719-587-7221 to get withdrawn from the term.

Graduate students should contact the Graduate School at 719-587-8173. See the Academic Calendar for applicable term deadlines.