Academic Oversight

Academic Council (AC)

Academic Council is made up of the department chairs from all academic departments on campus.  Academic Council is responsible for oversight of all academic policies, approval of the academic calendar, and for advising the VPAA on how institutional decisions may affect academic departments and their students.

As the primary faculty governing bodies, the Academic Council works with Faculty Senate to support faculty and staff responsibilities by providing leadership and support for assessment activities. The Academic Council working with Faculty Senate, GECC, the Graduate Council, the CRC, and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, is responsible for the coordination, review, and follow-up of assessment activities in each academic unit.

Graduate Council (GC)

The Graduate Council is made up of Graduate Program Directors or their designees.  They are responsible for determining institution-wide graduate policies, and evaluating the five-year program reviews of graduate programs. They will meet with representatives from the programs and make recommendations to the VPAA or designee.

In addition, the Graduate Council reviews and approves all curricular changes to graduate programs, including student-learning outcomes.