Court & Royalty Scholarship Information

President with Homecoming Royalty

Why Should I Apply?  

Royalty is an honor and tradition at Adams State University.  The Court recognizes 12 students who have at least a 2.75 GPA, are actively involved on campus, are a great example of Grizzly Pride, and demonstrate a dedication to ASU; Two of the students from the Court will be awarded the honor of ASU Royalty for the academic year.

Benefits of being selected to be a part of Homecoming Court:

  • Eligible for Homecoming Royalty
  • Two crowns
  • Two $500 scholarships awarded
  • Honored as Grizzly ambassadors and wears Homecoming Court sash throughout Homecoming Week
  • Assists in the building of the traditional Bonfire, alongside Campus Recreation
  • Recognition and meal at the annual ASU Alumni Banquet; semi-formal
  • Recognition and crowning at ASU Homecoming Football Game Half-time

Application Rules

As part of Homecoming 2017, the Homecoming Committee will be recognizing 12 students as the Homecoming Court and from the Court candidates, crowns 2 Homecoming Royalty.

All applicants must be:

  • ASU on-campus, AS&F fees paying, undergraduate students
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or greater.
  • Actively involved on campus
  • Participated(s) in current academic year ASU Cares Day (Preferred)
  • Leadership in clubs or organizations, etc
  • Be a great example of Grizzly Pride and demonstrate a dedication to ASU
  • Available to serve as ambassadors throughout Homecoming Week, which includes: attending HC Prep Kick-off, wearing Court sash throughout Homecoming Week, attending all HC events (minimum of 5), assisting in Bonfire building, and participating at Alumni Banquet and HC Football Game.

Crowned Royalty (2) are expected to continue active participation in the ASU Campus community throughout the academic year in which they serve as Grizzly ambassadors.  Continued expectations include:

  • Participation/Volunteerism at new student events, as needed, including: New Student Orientation
  • ASU Cares Day(s) (Preferred)
  • Alumni events, as needed
  • Summary write-up (1 pg minimum) of academic year as HC Royalty due to the AD of Student Life by March 31,  What has your year been like?  Participation and activities? Experience at ASU? How has the scholarship or title of HC Royalty impacted your year? Etc.
  • Share your experience as ASU Royalty during the annual Leadership Awards Banquet.
All applications will be reviewed by the Homecoming Committee and 12 students will be selected for the Court.  These 12 students will then go through an interview process to select the 2 Royalty Award recipients for the academic year. This process will take place in the ASU Student Life Center starting October 2nd. The interview panel will consist of members of the Homecoming Committee. The interview team will be looking for students who are enthusiastic, poised, articulate, and interested in ASU. Royalty to be selected based upon: application 25%, interview 25%, student vote 25%, and homecoming week involvement 25%.  Court will be recognized and the 2 ASU Royalty for 2017-18 will be announced at the Homecoming Football Game Half-Time, October 21.

ASU Student Life is committed to inclusiveness, and as such there are no designations of gender for Court or Royalty; although the committee will take in to consideration equity and balance of gender representation on the court. No campaigning other than wearing sashes and online bios.

Application Process Outline:

September 25: Applications Deadline

  • Sept 29: Homecoming Court notified via Email
  • Oct 2-6: 20 minute interviews for Court members
  • Oct 9: HC Prep Kick-Off
  • Oct 9-13: Student voting open (25% of decision)
  • Oct 16-21: Homecoming Week (please see above for expectations of the Court), Royalty decision finalized
  • Oct 21:  Homecoming Court recognized and 2 Royalty crowned at football half-time