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mountain bike race nationals

Application Info

  • You must submit the completed Online Application. The application takes 20-30min to complete
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for a response from the university after the submission of your application.
  • To be considered a transfer student you must have completed 13 or more credits with a GPA of 2.3 or higher.

Scholarship Info

  • Freshman may be eligible for up to a $1500/yr Adventure Sports Scholarship. Returning team members may be eligible for up to a $3000/yr Adventure Sports Scholarship.
  • A cycling scholarship, should you be offered one, will be awarded after your financial aid package is complete.
  • Early application and FAFSA submission are key to receiving the best possible financial aid package.
  • A complete list of all Institutional Scholarships
  • There is a March 1st deadline for all scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adventure Sports?

Adventure Sports is our way of catering to athletes of non-traditional. Adventure Sports fall under the department of Student Life and Recreation at ASU though it operates similarly to an Athletics Department. We have taken sports that are typically "clubs" at most institutions and we have given them a sufficient budget and coaching staff to give the teams a similar level of support as our athletics teams. Our teams are Cycling, and Rock Climbing.

Do I have to try out for an Adventure Sports Team?

No. We pride ourselves in having the capacity to cater to everyone who joins one of our Adventure Sports Teams. We will not turn anyone away because of their lack of experience or skill, so long as they are committed to the team. However, not all team members may travel to all competitions. We do require our athletes to attend team practices, meetings, competitions and other official team functions.

How do I join?

There are two ways to get your name on the roster.

  1. You can submit a Contact a Coach form on our website and one of our coaches will be in contact with you.
  2. You can call or email us directly to tell us about your interest in one of our adventure sports teams.

How big of a commitment is it to join an Adventure Sports team?

Generally, Adventure Sports teams practice as a team for 2-3 hours three days a week while in season. Off season practices are generally 1-2 days a week. In season teams travel to about 5 regular season competitions during the semester.

When and where do the teams compete?

All of our teams compete in the rocky mountain region of their sport which consists of Colorado and Wyoming though most events are in Colorado. Competition seasons are as follows: Mountain biking- Fall semester, Road cycling- Spring semester, Climbing- Spring semester.

Can I compete in more than one Adventure Sport?

It depends on which sports. It is not possible to compete in Road Cycling and Climbing because their competition seasons are nearly identical. It is possible to compete in any other two adventure sports in the same year.

Does Adams State participate in Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)?

Yes! If you are a resident of a state in the western part of the USA you can automatically qualify for over $5000/yr off of tuition for all four years you attend Adams State. More information about the Western Undergraduate Exchange.