Adams State University Intramural Champions

The Rex Activity Center offers members of the Adams State University community an extraordinary experience to live active and meaningful lives while on-campus. Recognition of intramural champions has been an important aspect of the program.

Many changes to the awards program have taken place over the years to including trophies, gift cards, and t-shirts throughout the season. We would like to congratulate all of our intramural sport participants and season champions.

5v5 Intramural Basketball Champions:
Team: TBD Captain: Katelyn Smith
James Lake
Alan Koenig
Mike Taylor

7v7 Intramural Soccer Champions:
Team Gryf - Indoor Captain: Fabian Omana- Marin
Jake Hughes
Ethan Jackson
Shane Wagner
Cody Weisenberger
Patrick Wilson
Martin Wolffee

4v4 Intramural Dodgeball Champions:
Team AS&F - Indoor Captain: Conner Dowd 
Brittney Padilla
Cody Morton
Dereck Johns
Trevor Kresel
Ronnie Fernando

4v4 Intramural Volleyball Champions: 
Team BAE - Indoor Captain: Eric Rickard
Serra Mora
James Robinson