National Society of Leadership and Success

National Society of Leadership and Success Adams State University Induction Spring 2015

National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS), also known as Sigma Alpha Pi, is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. Adams State University began a chapter of the program in 2014; in its first years the program has grown to include over 200 student members, about 10% of the student population at ASU. In our first 3 years, 76 ASU students have been inducted and earned a Certificate of Leadership; 4 ASU members have earned the National Engaged Leader Award. Our chapter has also been recognized by NSLS through the Founder’s List, indicating that our chapter excels in meeting the Chapter Pillars as set by the national office.

Adams State University Student Life invites students each semester to be a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success!

Which students are selected to receive invitations?

Although NSLS is not an academic honor society, we had to find a way for our invitations to target high-achieving students who may also be interested in gaining a great leadership development opportunity.  Therefore, our invitations go out to all undergraduate students who hold at least a 3.25 GPA.  We reiterate that NSLS is NOT an academic honor society, rather a leadership honor society that offers a program towards a certificate of leadership. We also accept and encourage nominations of students you think could benefit from a leadership development opportunity such as NSLS, and are happy to invite these students.

How does the National Society of Leadership and Success work and what are the benefits to ASU students?

Apart from the one-time $85 registration fee, there are no further financial obligations to the Society. Students’ membership does not expire or need renewing, as it is a lifetime membership; even if you graduate or transfer schools, your membership with NSLS is lifetime. Our campus organization is very involvement based and engages students in leadership training that can help maximize students’ current skills while improving on others. The steps students will need to complete are the following:

  1. Orientation: the first meeting that occurs each semester and will give students access to all the information you need about the program in order to successfully complete the steps for induction as a member.
  2. Leadership Training Day: a 3-hour interactive video training session with a workbook designed to help students identify and overcome any obstacles that may interfere with obtaining their goals. This introspective seminar helps students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, in order to shift their focus toward their real passions.
  3. Three speaker broadcast events: students will watch some of the world's most successful motivational speakers discussing topics related to leadership, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and successfully transitioning from college to career.
  4. Three Success Networking Team meetings: bring together groups of students that work together and provide peer coaching on achieving goals. Students can discuss goals, desires and expectations, set timelines and hold each other accountable for achieving those goals. The Success Networking Team provides members with a support network of like-minded goal-oriented students on campus.

Once these are completed, the chapter will invite students to their Induction Ceremony where each will be awarded their Certificate of Leadership. Students no longer have to participate in future meetings or events unless they wish to, but at this point, they are a fully inducted member that acquires all membership benefits.

Have more questions?

Jeni Carter, M.A.
ASU NSLS Chapter Advisor
Assistant Director of Student Life & Leadership
Adams State University

A note from Adams State’s chapter Advisor, Jeni Carter:

"In my experience beginning this program over the last couple of years, I would like to share with you some insight into the benefits I have seen for our students in the program, and also what the program is not. Firstly, I believe this program is a great first step into exploring one’s own leadership potential and learn about continued leadership development/involvement opportunities on campus. NSLS is also a program for students who would like to further their leadership learning and network with fellow students. NSLS is not an all-encompassing leadership training; it is a beginning, a stepping stone, and an opportunity for students who are interested in investigating leadership and community with other students."