Summer Latino Leadership Summit: Celebrate Diversity in Leadership

The Summer Latino Leadership Summits at Adams State (2011-2014) were an outstanding opportunity for student and prospective students to participate in a program that built networks of future leaders, developed skills that will transfer to successful careers and strengthened the community of learners in culturally relevant leadership models.

I sincerely appreciate the 127 high school students and dozens of Adams State students that participated in the program. Lead on and lead up!

Summer Latino Leadership Summit students

The Summer Latino Leadership Summit (2011-2014) at Adams State University delivered a high quality fun-filled summit that was student facilitated, culturally relevant, and strengthened Latino leadership in our region.

Summary of Results

Collegiate staff members were able to increase their overall development within each student learning outcome as a result of participating in SLLS. The data revealed students were most likely to develop in their leadership and critical thinking skills with 100% of students demonstrating ability to communicate and collaborate with fellow leaders.

As a result of participating in SLLS as a collegiate staff member, respondents believed they advanced their professional skills. Additionally, 100% of respondents found being involved with SLLS useful for advancing their classroom knowledge and experience.

As a result of these experiences, which over 90% of respondents rated as greatly enjoyable, all respondents reported they would be inclined to participate in SLLS again pending remaining at Adams State University. Half of the respondents who reported had previously participated in SLLS.

Key Results

Key results were established using the data from the post-assessment respondents completed directly following the conclusion of SLLS.

  • 100% of respondents report that they listen to diverse points of view with 92% of respondents reporting they listen to diverse points of view often or very frequently. 100% of respondents reported that they treat others with dignity and respect often or very frequently.
  • More than 80% of respondents reported they developed self-management and appraisal tools by finding ways to obtain feedback about their actions and how they affect other people's performance. Additionally, more than 80% of respondents seek ways to develop and challenge their personal skills and abilities.
  • Over 90% of respondents reported they often or very frequently followed through on the commitments they make.
  • 100% of respondents reported connecting classroom learning to their involvement as a collegiate staff member in Summer Latino Leadership Summit. 100% of respondents reported their involvement with SLLS provided them with an opportunity to develop professional skills. All respondents reported they developed their professional skills either a great deal or considerably.

We believe that it is essential to strengthen leadership skills by providing opportunities for students and future Adams State University students to learn about leadership from peer mentors.