Locker Rental

Locker rentals are available for six and 12-month periods (rental fee includes a lock issued by the Rex Activity Center). Fees are $30 for a six-month package and $45 for a 12-month package. Anyone interested in securing a locker at the Rex Activity Center must complete and sign a Locker Rental Agreement and pay the appropriate rental fee.

Personal locks may be used for day use only, and must be removed from specified day-lockers when the patron leaves the Rex Activity Center. At the end of each day, any locks not belonging to the Rex Activity Center will be removed and the locker contents securely stored until the owner returns to the building to retrieve them.

Personal items left in the locker after the rental period are held for 30 days after which all unclaimed items are disposed of or donated. You can rent a locker for up to a full year at once to save time. Note: Private locks are allowed only on a daily basis. However, if a private lock is left on a locker overnight, it will be cut off and contents will be impounded. There is a $5 impound fee to retrieve your items. We are not responsible for theft, so don't forget to lock your locker!