The Student-Advisor Relationship

Student Responsibilities

  • To be actively responsible for your college experience
  • To attend class, participate fully and complete assignments on time
  • To review each course syllabus, noting deadlines, rules and policies for each class.
  • To become knowledgeable about college policies, procedures, and requirements as stated in the: ASU Catalog
  • To observe academic deadlines found in the: Academic Calendar
  • To know and follow the departmental major requirements and the: General Education Requirements
  • To review the: Class Schedule
  • To contact your advisor in a timely manner for registration advisement or for other academic related needs
  • To keep appointments and be prompt, or call if it is necessary to reschedule or cancel an appointment
  • If a serious problem (medical, financial, personal) disrupts your ability
    to attend classes or interferes with your ability to focus on your education you should inform your advisor and the: Office of Student Affairs
  • To obtain and complete all necessary forms, obtaining required signatures, and having the forms processed with the appropriate office
  • To contact the Academic Advising Center when requesting a change of major or advisor

Advisor Responsibilities

  •  To spell out college policies, programs and procedures
  • To be available to meet with you each semester (provided you respond
    promptly to your advisor's invitations to schedule meetings)
  • To help you explore your interests, abilities, goals, and to relate
    them to academic majors
  • To offer advice on selecting courses and to assist you in developing an academic plan that satisfies general education and degree requirements
  • To be knowledgeable about academic resources and refer you to those resources as needed
  • To be a receptive listener and to refer you to appropriate support services when necessary
  • To confer with you about your academic performance and the implications of your performance for the undergraduate programs you desire to pursue