FROM semester start date THROUGH add/drop (census) date


Course Add(s)

Do ONE of the following:

* Add course(s) online on the

* OR go to the ONESTOP (in the SUB) and give them a COMPLETED

Course adds for regular session courses will require a special permission label from the instructor of the course beginning the second week of classes.


Course Drop(s)

Do ONE of the following:

* Drop courses online on the:

* OR go to the ONESTOP (in the SUB) and give them a COMPLETED

Students may drop courses during this timeframe without instructor permission. Dropped courses will not appear on student transcripts, and all tuition and fees for dropped courses will be removed if the student remains in at least one other course.

Complete Drop

Students who decide to drop all courses once the semester has begun must do so by completing an official drop through the Office of Student Services in Richardson Hall, 234. Students may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition/fees and housing/meal ticket depending upon when the drop is processed. All courses for the semester will be removed from the student's transcript.

Graduate students should contact the Graduate School at 1.866.407.0013.