Meet the Staff

At the ASU Counseling Center, we have a diverse group of therapists. Please read about some of the counselors below or come in to say hello!

Lis Tomlin, MA, NCC, LPC
Director, Counseling and Career Center

Lis Tomlin is the Director of Counseling & Career Services at Adams State University. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Lis practices from a feminist frame of reference and she also provides clinical supervision to the graduate assistants who work in Counseling & Career Services. Lis is both an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) trainer and SafeTALK trainer. She also facilitates Safe Zone (LGBTQ+ awareness and ally) trainings for the campus and community. Lis is an adjunct instructor for the graduate program of Counselor Education. Her background includes working in diverse settings, including jails, private practice, residential, non-profit, substance abuse treatment, and trauma-informed care. Lis is also a nationally certified counselor (NCC) and trained EMDR therapist. Outside of her work at ASU, Lis sees clients in a private practice setting in Alamosa.

Joseph Mendoza-Green, MA, LPC, LAC
Assistant Director of Counseling/Coordinator of Accessibility Services

Joseph Mendoza-Green is the Assistant Director of the Counseling Center, as well as the Coordinator of Accessibility Services. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addictions Counselor. Practicing from an eclectic theoretical orientation influenced heavily by Existential, Choice and Narrative theories— as well as by positive psychology and interpersonal dynamics— Joe has experience working with the forensic population, adolescents and families. He has worked in community mental health agencies, public schools and with non-profit organizations. He is also trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Wraparound Facilitation and EMDR. During his free time he enjoys reading long, boring books on philosophy and psychology and eating gourmet popcorn. 

Aftin Gillespie, MA

Aftin Gillespie has completed her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling here at ASU where she also received her BA in Sociology. Aftin has experience working in domestic violence advocacy and restorative justice as well as in the enrollment management offices on campus. She understands how to navigate registration, billing, financial aid and other processes that can be overwhelming for students. Aftin believes people are only as good as their situations allow them to be and through self awareness they can grow to be their best selves.

Brad Reed, B.A.

Brad Reed is in his final year of the Master's program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. While his B.A. is in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University, it is his 15 years of experience with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) that drove him to enter the counseling field. Brad recognizes that sometimes we just need to talk with someone and truly be heard, while other times we want to dig in and actively create changes in our life. Change doesn't always have to be difficult, but it does take a willingness to look at and explore new ways of being and responding to what happens in life. Brad has a deep respect for those who have experienced trauma and expects to focus his career on helping people find relief from the impact it has had on their life and their family's life as well. Brad earned his EFT Cert-I in 2010, published his book on using EFT for migraine headache relief in 2013, and has published two websites and a DVD on how to apply EFT to things that come up in life.

Angela Richmond, BA, MBA

Angela Richmond is a working toward a Master's degree in both Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling. Angela sees every client as an individual and looks to understand the strengths of each person. When you walk into a session you should expect that as a counselor Angela will be invested in learning about your personal journey, working alongside you to help you achieve your own goals, and collaborating with you as you discover more of who you are. Angela looks forward to joining you in your journey.

Cindy Pearson Garcia, BA

Cindy Pearson Garcia is an Intern at Adams State University completing her last year of an M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. After graduation she plans to obtain the required hours to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She greatly values trust and openness in the client/therapist relationship, and incorporates a strong emphasis on mindfulness as means for greater self-awareness and tool for personal transformation. Cindy has been a volunteer in the Texas correctional system working with groups of male and female inmates to bring mindfulness and stress reduction into their lives. A focus of her practicum work was designing and leading a mindfulness and parenting group through a counseling center in Austin, where she also saw individual clients in private practice.

Elizabeth Marino, BA

Elizabeth Marino is in her second year in the Counselor Education Master's program, emphasizing in Clinical Mental Health. She received her BA in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, here at ASU as well. Elizabeth believes that the most important aspect of counseling is the relationship that is built between the counselor and the client. She believes that showing empathy, understanding, and having a non-judgmental nature is imperative for creating this relationship. Elizabeth also believes that clients are the experts of their own lives, and sometimes they just need someone to stand alongside them as they go through their journey of self-discovery. Finally, Elizabeth believes that, as long as there is willingness, everyone is capable of creating change in their lives.

Photo of Lenore

Lenore Reinhart
Practicum Student

Lenore Reinhart is studying to obtain her MA degree in Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. Lenore is an Alumni of ASU, graduating in December 2016 with a BA in Psychology. During her undergrad study, Lenore developed a training on Deepening Self-Compassion. Her training won The International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI CHI) Regional Research Award; this was the first time an ASU Psychology PSI CHI student has received this award. Lenore believes we all have a story to tell and she trusts that change can occur when you share your story in an encouraging and compassionate environment. She values the benefits that compassion and mindfulness can have in the therapeutic process and believes that change is inevitable when you have the desire and support.

Madi - photo

Madi Mathys
Practicum Student

Madi is a graduate student at Adams State University, pursuing a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Madi received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Texas State University. Madi understands that everyone faces unique challenges! She believes that forming a meaningful relationship with her client is an important part of understanding and addressing those challenges. Madi’s passion is to create a space where her client can express themselves authentically and explore themselves fully.