Gingerbread House - Policies

Illness and Injury Policy:

The Gingerbread House will not accept sick children. If a child becomes ill while at the Gingerbread House or Colorado Preschool Program, parents or guardians will be called and expected to take the child home as soon as possible. Until the parent arrives, the child will be placed in a quiet room away from other children, but supervised by a staff member at all times. Should a child become injured while in one of our programs, parents or guardians will be notified at once. Please be sure that you have filled out the emergency medical information that we need so we can contact you in a hurry if we need to.

Policy Concerning Discipline:

The teacher in charge of a group of children is responsible for maintaining discipline; in any situation where a child is :

1. Disrupting the group
2. Endangering self, another child, or the teacher
3. Breaking specific rules

The Acceptable Discipline Will Be:

To remove the child form the situation
Time out – not to exceed five minutes
Suspension or exclusion policy

In the case where a child's behavior continues to be unacceptable, a conference with the child's parents or guardians will be held. The child's behavior will be discussed along with goals for future behavior improvement. If these goals are not met, a second conference will be held at which time, the Director of the program may if necessary suspend or exclude the child from the Gingerbread House or any of it's existing programs.

Child Release Policy:

In child custody cases, or other court mandated cases where Gingerbread House personnel are asked not to release a child to a biological parent, a court order with a court seal must be provided. Be sure this document is in your child's file in each of the programs that he/she attends. In all other cases, we must have an authorization form filled out by you before we can release a child to anyone besides yourself. Be sure to list all the people that might arrive to take your child out of the center, or any of our preschool classrooms.

Sign In/Sign Out Procedures:

Exact times of arrival and departure must be recorded daily as children arrive and leave the center. This is the record that we take with us in an emergency situation that requires evacuation from one or more of our child care or preschool buildings. Children will be counted and the names on the sign in forms should match the number of children who arrive safely at our safety zone after the evacuation. We also need this record to prove that we are within child adult ratios at all times. Please remember to take your child to the big room, or into his/her classroom and make sure teachers know that he/she is present before you leave the center.

Late Policy:

Parents who do not pick their children up from the child care center by 6:05 will be charged a late fee. We charge $5.00 for every five minutes that you are late. Please be considerate of staff members and pick your children up on time.

Payment Policy:

The tuition for each child must be paid in full by the tenth of each month. If tuition is not paid on time, parents risk the possibility of loosing their child's child care slot. Tuition means that parents pay the same fee each month regardless of the number of hours that a child attends. If a child does not attend for a period of 10 days per month, that child’s slot will be filled with another child from our current waiting list.

The following fees are also effective beginning August 1, 2006:

Late fee for payments made after the tenth of the month-$10.00
Charge for NSF Check– $15.00
Interest on unpaid account Balance – 1.5% per month
Your child may not attend unless tuition is paid in a timely manner each month.

Food Service Program:

The Gingerbread House is a participant in The Child and Adult Food Program (CAFP), a federal program of the food and nutrition services (FUNS), a division of the U.S. Agriculture (USDA). The food program is operated in accordance with USDA policy and permits no discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, or handicapping condition.

Eating Policy:

Good table manners are taught and encouraged at the Gingerbread House. Children are encouraged to taste all foods, but never forced to eat. Meals are prepared on site at the child care center and taken to the Mc Curry Complex for preschool children in that program.

Meals: Breakfast is served at 9:00, lunch at 11:30 and snack at 3:30 p.m. Because government funding is received for meals, we do not charge parents for children's meals.

Holiday and Birthday Treats:

Any child wishing to celebrate a special event such as birthdays may do so. Children can bring treats to share with classmates. We encourage healthy treats like cheese and crackers, fruit juice and fresh fruits and vegetables with dip. We try to limit the amount of sugar that children receive while in child care and preschool and would appreciate your help where treats are concerned. If you plan on brining treats for the class, please remember to ask your child's teacher how many children are in the class so there will be treats for all children present.

Children's Personal Belongings:

Each child should have a complete change of clothing in his/her cubby, this change should include socks and underwear. Please label each clothing article with your child's full name and tuck these into a shoe box with a tight fitting lid. The box should be left in your child's cubby so we have a quick change of clothes in the event of an accident.

The weather can change quickly in Colorado so please make sure that your child has a jacket in his/her cubby.

We ask parents to not allow children to bring toys from home. We have plenty of toys for the children to play with in our child care and preschool classrooms. Toys from home often get lost or broken and then we have unhappy children and parents. Please remind your child to leave personal toys at home or in the car when they a arrive at the child care center or for preschool.