You and Your Roommate

Roommate change process

  • This is the process you should follow to resolve any roommate issues or conflicts that have developed:
  • Steps/Actions:
    1. Talk to your roommate yourself and be honest about your concerns and feelings. It's always best to make sure you have made some attempt to try and work things out yourself prior to step 2.
    2. Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) and fill them in on what has been happening and the efforts you have already attempted.
    3. Your RA will attempt to set up a mediation meeting between you both to see if that will help. Sometimes a compromise can be reached when a third person hears the issues.
    4. Your RA may need to discuss your situation with the Residence Director to ask for advice or suggestions or simply inform them that you need to be moved.
    5. In the worst case situations, the Residence Director will call you into their office and make arrangements to move you to another room. At times, students feel that their roommate is the one who should be moved out and depending on the situation, the Residence Director will make that determination.
    6. You may go straight to your Residence Director, should you feel your RA has not been able to assist you or for other reasons you don't want to discuss with your RA.
    7. If you feel the need to be released from your contract you will need to review your contract or the General Information section of the Standards of Residence.