Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live off campus?

  • Freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus; however, there are exceptions, as listed in the Residence Hall Standards Handbook.

What if I want to change rooms?

  • Contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life to get information on how to change rooms.

What do I do if I lose my campus card?

  • Contact Housing, Public Safety, or Campus Card Office as soon as possible to void out your card and change your locks.

Can I have guests visit me?

  • Yes, each resident assumes FULL responsibility for their guest(s). Guests are allowed for no more than three days and must be registered with your Hall Director.

Are pets allowed?

  • Fish contained in a 20 gallon or smaller tank will be permitted. NO other pets will be allowed in the residence halls.

If I am 21, can I drink in my room?

  • Adams State University will not permit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages of any kind on campus, including all residential areas, regardless of age.

Can I have a refrigerator and microwave?

What kind of meal plan can I get?

  • The college offers three meal plans: Carte Blanche (open dining 7am-7pm); 15 meal plan + 125 flexi dollars; 9 meal plan + 200 flexi dollars (flexi dollars are a one time per semester amount that can be used in the food court and the coffee shop.)

How do I use the phones on campus?

  • For calls to a number on campus, simply dial the 4-digit extension (587-XXXX). To access an off-campus number, dial "9", wait for the line to connect, and then dial the full number (XXX-XXXX). For long distance calls, you can use your own personal long distance calling card, or call collect.