English Placement Exam (EPE)

Photo by Toni Ortivez

The English Placement Exam (EPE) is a timed essay that Adams State University uses to place students into English courses when a score of 94 or below is scored on the ACCUPLACER in the Sentence Skills section.

The EPE consists of a prompt or topic to which all students can relate.  Students must write between a 200-500 word essay about this topic. Once completed, this exam is sent to the ASU English Department to be graded. Once graded the scores will be sent back to the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center to be recorded.

The EPE can be administered on-campus at Adams State University or under the supervision of an approved proctor at another institution or high school.

GTLC Testing Policy & Procedures

Students must:

  • Schedule an exam time to ensure testing room and computer availability
  • Testing for the EPE begins at 8:30 am during normal hours and 9:30 am during breaks. Administration stops at 4 pm during normal hours and 3 pm during breaks.
  • Present a valid photo ID with a clear picture and ASU student ID number
  • Secure all personal belongings and unauthorized testing aids including cell phones and other electronic devices

Re-testing Policy

Currently, to retake the EPE students must garner a professor recommendation or wait one academic semester. Please contact the ASU English Department for other placement options.