Extended Studies

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Some Extended Studies courses may require you to take proctored exams. Your instructor will indicate this requirement via the course syllabus, a Blackboard announcement, or an email.

A proctor is a person who will supervise your exam. Proctors are needed to ensure Academic Integrity during the exam. It is your responsibility to find and schedule your proctor in a timely fashion to take your exam.

The Grizzly Testing & Learning Center is a designated proctoring site for the ASU Extended Studies program. If you would like to have your Extended Studies exams proctored through GTLC, please read through the following policies and procedures:

ASU Extended Studies Policies

  • Students should submit their signed Exam Request to Extended Studies two or three weeks before their scheduled exam date with the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center.
  • It is prohibited for more than one exam to be taken on the same day.
  • If a student does not take an exam within 30 days from when it is received by the GTLC, the exam will be sent back to Extended Studies.
  • A student with accommodations must notify GTLC before his/her first exam to discuss individual needs.
  • Exams must be scheduled within GTLC hours of operation from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Please, note that special cases are taken into consideration.

GTLC Testing Policy & Procedures

Students must:

  • Schedule an appointment to take their exams.
  • Present a receipt of payment
  • Students are assessed a $15 fee per exam for the first three hours and an additional $10 for every hour after this. This must be paid at the ASU Student Union Building prior to the exam appointment
  • Present a valid photo ID with a clear picture
  • Secure all personal belongings and unauthorized testing aids including cell phones and other electronic devices
  • Allow the full amount of time for exam completion
  • Not access computers or other electronics unless indicated by professors or exam instructions
  • Communicate with GTLC to ensure exam has been received
  • It takes 5 business days to two weeks for GTLC to receive and exam. Please keep this in mind when scheduling exam times.


  • During on-campus finals week all testing rooms are reserved for on-campus students.
  • Ensure that no children accompany the tester into the room or are left unattended in waiting area

*Please note that all testing rooms and tables are monitored at ALL times.