Testing @ GTLC

The LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item computer assessment of students' awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning.

The focus is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning that can be altered through educational interventions.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that these factors contribute significantly to success in college and that they can be learned or enhanced through educational interventions such as learning and study skills courses.

The LASSI provides standardized scores (percentile score equivalents) and national norms for ten different scales (there is no total score since this is a diagnostic measure). The LASSI is both diagnostic and prescriptive.

It provides students with a diagnosis of their strengths and weaknesses, compared to other college students, in the areas covered by the 10 scales and it is prescriptive in that it provides feedback about areas where students may be weak and need to improve their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills.

If you would like to take the LASSI, contact the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center.

GTLC Testing Policy & Procedures

Students must:

  • Present a valid and clear photo ID
  • Secure all personal belongings and unauthorized testing aids including cell phones and other electronic devices
  • No children in the testing room or left unattended in waiting area
  • Allow enough time for completion of exam

There is no fee associated with this exam