Off-Site Proctoring

English Placement Exam (EPE) Off-site proctoring

Off-site EPE proctoring is reserved for incoming first year or transfer students attending on-campus courses. The EPE may need to be taken if a student does not have one of the following scores:

  • ACT English Score 18 or higher
  • Old SAT Verbal Score (Before March 2016) 430 or higher
  • New SAT Evidence Based Reading/Writing Score (After March 2016) 470 or higher
  • Accuplacer (Classic) Score 95 or higher

EPE testing is free of charge for ASU students, but testing at a remote location may incur charges that are the student's responsibility. If you need to take the EPE, you will need to identify a proctor (please see proctor qualifications below) and ensure that your Adams State University student email address has been activated.

Once you have identified a proctor and have chosen a test date and time, please complete the following form:

Proctor Qualifications:

  • A proctor CANNOT be a family member, relative, or friend.
  • Eligible proctors include: counselors, teachers, librarians, or proctors from another institution. (Please note proctors must NOT be teaching in the subject area of your exam.)
  • Proctors must be affiliated with an academic institution and have an academic email address (Emails cannot be sent out to Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, or other general accounts.)
  • Proctors must be able to administer the exam in an academic institution or library. Exams cannot be administered in a private residence.

If you have a question about the eligibility of a proctor, please call the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center.

Next Steps:

Within 5-7 business days of receiving this form, we will reach out to your listed proctor. It is your responsibility to confirm your appointment and keep in contact with your proctor. At your indicated appointment day and time, you will need to present a valid photo id to your proctor and have your ASU student id number ready and available. Without these items, your proctor will not be able to administer the exam.

If you are testing at a remote testing center, please be sure to follow any special instructions from the testing site, including paying any applicable fees.

Once you have completed your exam, your proctor will return the exam to us. It can take up to three weeks to receive a score, but once your exam has been graded, you will be notified via your ASU student email.

Please note that we will not release your score via email. You will need to contact your academic advisor or admissions counselor for your score and information on course placement.

ALEKS Off-site proctoring 

Proctoring for the second through fifth assessments is available through Examity, an external company. This is not the same off-site proctoring service used for the ACCUPLACER!

Examity is an option for students who are not on campus but would like to take their next assessment within the ALEKS program. The cost to use Examity is $23 per assessment and is the responsibility of the student- not ASU.

You will need to have a computer with a web camera and a microphone as well as a quiet area to take your exam. No one else can be present in the room when you take your assessment. You will also need to be able to provide a valid government ID each time you use Examity.

To take an assessment with Examity, you must first set up an appointment. If you request taking the assessment within 24 hours there will be an additional on-demand charge of $5, bringing your total to $28.

If you have time accommodations, you must take the paperwork to GTLC before setting up the appointment with Examity.