Policies - Student Union Building

  • The function of management of the Student Union shall be vested in the Director of the Student Union, who will be appointed by the President of Adams State University, and who will be responsible to the college administration. The Director of the Student Union shall make decisions relating to the use of the building.
  • The Student Union is for the use of the students, faculty, and guests of Adams State University and shall provide services for appropriate non-instructional activities sponsored by the college and any division thereof, or a recognized group approved by the Associated Students and Faculty, or the university.
  • The Student Union must be self-supporting; all expenses of the Center must come from income earned in the Center.
  • The Director of the Student Union shall set up a schedule of charges to be assessed for the use of equipment, use of special rooms or facilities, and food service.
  • The use of the Student Union by any group other than those recognized by the AS&F Council, the College Food Service, University Bookstore, Student Union Game Room, and Student Union Vending Services will be subject to a facility charge.
    • All events must be scheduled with the Student Union Director's Office. A room contract will be sent to a group representative. If there is a charge for the room or equipment, the representative must sign and return one copy of the contract.
    • Rent will be charged. ASU Administration, AS&F and AS&F approved clubs/organizations are exempt from the rent charge in most cases.
    • Additional charges for food service (meals, banquets, refreshments, catering services, etc.) for profit making purposes are prohibited.
    • Solicitation of individuals in areas other than the Activities Area will be prohibited.
    • No food, drink, or items sold by the Bookstore may be sold by organizations.
    • Solicitation to sign up for credit cards, either by a campus organization or an off-campus vendor is prohibited.
  • The rules of conduct of the College will apply. Violation of the rules and regulations of the Student Union by a student will be the basis of referral of the student to the Office of Student Services. Violation of the rules by a member of the Faculty will be the basis of referral to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.
  • The Director of the Student Union or his authorized representative shall have the authority to order any person in violation of the rules and regulations to leave the building. The college Public Safety personnel may be used to enforce the rules and regulations.
  • Furniture or equipment in the Student Union shall not be moved from the building with the exception of special equipment for loan or rental.

Special Policies:

These special policies apply to various rooms, activities, and situations in the Center and are controlled by the general policies.

  1. Food Service
    • The first responsibility will be to provide quality food at a reasonable cost for the students, faculty, and administration. The Student Union will serve food at the request of the University administration to all educational and non-educational groups who may be on our campus. It will not be the policy to solicit patrons or outside groups to use the food service, but sometimes requests are received from the community to serve large groups for which there are not adequate facilities in the community. Such requests will not be considered if they do interfere with activities already scheduled.
    • All meals served in the Student Union must be prepared and served by the Student Union Food Service. Meals prepared outside the Student Union may not be brought into the Student Union for sale or consumption.
    • The facility rental fee will be waived if the sole purpose of using a room is to be served a meal, or at the discretion of the Student Union Director.
    • Campus organizations may provide refreshments (drinks and cookies) at their meetings provided these meetings are held in a room where food may be served, and the refreshments are provided by the Student Union Food Service on a contracted basis.
    • All arrangements for food service will be made with the Director of Food Services. (Room reservations will be made with the Student Union Director's Office.)
  2. Key Policy
    • Building master keys will be issued to staff personnel whose duties require access to the total building.
    • Area master keys will be issued only to staff personnel whose duties require access to a limited area.
    • Keys will be issued only to students whose work requires a key. All requests for keys will be made in the Director's office.
  3. Room Reservation Policy
    • The Student Union staff has the responsibility of handling the reservations for all group meetings in the Center.
  4. Sign and Poster Policy
    • Approved signs and posters may be placed only on the bulletin boards. No signs or posters may be placed on the outside of the building, the doors, windows, or on the walls.
  5. Assessments for Damages or Losses
    • Any group or individual accountable for any damages or losses occurring during, or resulting from, individual conduct or group activity in the Student Union will be held directly responsible for the damages or losses. The amount of the assessment will be in terms of actual cost of repair or replacement.
    • Organizations assigned office space or work space will assume the same responsibility during the assigned period.
    • Any movement of furnishings and equipment in or out of the building or between rooms within the building, alteration of electrical wiring, or changing fixtures in any way will be done only with the approval and under the supervision of the authorized college personnel.