Teresa DeHerrera

I grew up in the beautiful Valle de San Luis, in Antonito, Colorado. I went to Antonito High School where I was introduced to the TRIO programs first by the Talent Search counselors who recruited me and my buddies to be tutors. It was later on this same year that my high school counselor, Margie Garcia, talked to me about the Upward Bound Program. I don't remember very much about what she told me except that the UB program had a summer component and if I applied and was accepted I would live on the campus in the dorms during the summer months. I wasn't thinking about school or learning when the idea was given to me to apply to Upward Bound, freedom is what I was thinking about. Who would have known...

Upward Bound changed my life. I was exposed to so many wonderful things in the year and a half that I was in the program. UB helped me with the application and financial aid process at Adams State College. Through Upward Bound I was introduced to and finally was able to participate in the Mexican Folklorico Dance Group, Semillas de la Tierra. I took one semester off in my junior year and spent some time traveling through New Zealand. I came back to college after that short stint and graduated from Adams State College in the Spring class of 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with emphases in Psychology, Journalism, and Education.

After graduating, I enjoyed many different experiences that led me around the world and back to Colorado. I am currently enrolled in a masters program in Student Affairs in Higher Education at CSU. Today I am the Interim Director of Student Support Services at Community College of Denver and the President of Colorado ASPIRE.