AFTER the add/drop "census" date THROUGH the semester withdrawal date

Course Withdrawal

  • Students may withdraw from individual courses after the deadline for adding/dropping and receive a non-punitive grade of W.
  • Tuition is charged, and a W will appear on the student's transcript.
  • Go to the One Stop Student Services Center in the Student Union Building and give them a completed
  • OR do so online at the:

Complete Withdrawal

  • Undergraduate students who decide to withdraw from all courses during this timeframe must do so by completing an official withdrawal through the Office of Student Services in Richardson Hall, 234.
  • Students will receive a non-punitive grade of W for all withdrawn courses which will appear on the transcript.
  • Graduate students should contact the associate provost for the Graduate School at 1-866-407-0013

Refund Schedule for complete Withdrawals

COF eligible students

  • Withdrawing from courses will reduce the total allotted COF hours by the number of withdrawn credit hours.
  • To view allotted, used and remaining COF hours:

Course Add(s) by approval only

  • A course may be added during the withdrawal time-frame only with the approval of the instructor, department chair and associate provost for Academic Affairs.
  • Please be aware that although approval may be granted to process a late add, financial aid and the COF stipend will not apply to courses added after census date as identified in the registration calendar.
  • Graduate students must secure authorization from the associate provost for the Graduate School.