Faculty Services

Faculty may refer or require students to use the studio in a variety of ways.

The director or writing studio staff can:

  • provide brief talks introducing students to our services
  • provide tours of the Studio services to your class--just call and schedule
  • provide you with materials or discuss strategies for assigning, evaluating and improving student writing in your discipline
  • collaborate with faculty (the director's teaching schedule permitting) on providing an in-class writing workshop during which your students can work on drafts of assigned papers with our guidance and carefully designed peer editing
  • provide grammar handbooks and other writing resources and handouts
  • "carry" copies of your writing-related texts and assignments for your student use in the Studio
  • share with your students copies of your assignment and information about your writing standards and expectations if you send those to us.
  • recommend ways to incorporate a studio visit into your assignment or the grading. For example, you might use a sliding scale if you assign extra credit to a student who visits. You could give 5 extra points if they visit three or more days before an assignment’s due; 3 extra points if they visit two days before it’s due; 1 point if they visit the day before.