Student Scholar Days

Application Process

Student Scholar Days is a multidisciplinary, two-day conference that is intended to highlight academic achievements of the undergraduate students in the many diverse majors at Adams State University.

Step One

Each major is asked to select undergraduate student projects (projects can have multiple student authors) that exemplify excellence as defined by that major.

Please make sure your selections are done through consultation with the other faculty members in your major. The selections will need to be made no later than February. The deadline for submission of the project application (see application packet) is 5:00 PM on Monday, February 27, 2017.

Each selected student project's authors will have the opportunity to give a 20-minute presentation or create a printed poster. Departments are asked to select a faculty mentor who will assist the students in their preparations for the event.

Presentation structure will be determined by the faculty mentor and the student(s) involved, but each presentation must include some form of oral explanation of the project that is being presented.

Role of the Mentor

  • Assist the student(s) in preparing the application packet
  • Assist the student(s) in practicing for the event
  • Guide the student(s) in the specifics of a good presentation
  • Introduce the student(s) at the Student Scholar Days event

Step Two

For each student project, an application will need to be completed. Click the Application link on the right navigation of this website and submit it.

Step Three

Submitted projects will be reviewed by the Student Scholar Days Committee. If there are any questions about a submitted project and its suitability for the event, the committee will contact the mentor and the author(s) for clarification.